Private Boat Hire & Charters

Private Boat Hire & Charters

Do you find yourself gazing dreamily over to the rugged slopes of Moorea? Spend a day with your friends or family on one of our luxury boats. Discover the Moorea Lagoon, snorkel with sharks and rays, admire the world famous Teahupo’o (or if you’re a surfer, have a go yourself!), explore the white sand beaches of the offshore islands and admire the overwater bungalows poised above the crystal clear turquoise waters.

Small or large group, we can cater to your needs and accompany you to ensure a safe, easy and enjoyable day. We have three boats available for rent or private charter:

  • ZeBoat: Small yet comfortable, this boat is great for a day out in a petite group. Vedette de plaisance, 21′, aluminium hull, maximum capacity 8 people
  • ZeBullons: Plenty of space to relax, this boat is perfect for medium sized groups heading out for adventure. Pneumatic/semi-rigid, 33′, maximum capacity 20 people
  • ZeBubbles: Extremely comfortable luxury boat, suitable for a long day trip. Equipped with padded lounges, integrated refridgerator and a large central table. Two side ladders make for easy entry and exit from the water. Aluminium hull, 33′, maximum capacity 30 people.

We provide cold drinks and snacks at no extra charge. Bring your own lunch or ask us about our special deals at some of our favourite island restaurants. All of our boats can be equipped for diving. Need some equipment? We’ve got you covered!

Prices start from 8,000xpf per person per day for a private charter (fuel surcharge not included).