CMAS – French Level 3

CMAS – French Level 3

10 Dives

Test your limits , and give yourself the ability to dive up to 60m without an instructor. Learn to organise your own dives with your own equipment and your other level 3 friends… the fun awaits !

Beyond level 3, we get to the first of the instructor levels, as well as technical diving for those who want to learn how to have shorter, more effective decompression stops and really advance your diving skills. Expand your range of capabilities so you can experience many new and varied types of dives.

2 theoretical classes (2 hours each)

  • Legislation & Revision of level 2 theory
  • Organising your dives

Types of dives possible with this training :

  • Autonomous dives
  • Safety assistance from 40m
  • Rescue dives
  • Autonomous Deep dives (to 60m)
  • Autonomous night dives

Price : 68 000 xpf / 570 €